Personal Life Coach Gold Coast

Craig Cassidy is a Peak Life Coach and expert in human potential, dedicated to helping others identify and unlock their greatest potential and live their true purpose.

Many times, throughout his broken and challenged childhood, Craig questioned his worth and place in the world. After growing up barely knowing his mother, and already living out of home by the age of 14, the devastating loss of his father became the most difficult time in his life.

But at the age of 19, a single quote taken from the first book Craig had ever read front to back would change the course of his life, and unlock his thirst for knowledge about the endless limits of human potential – “know it is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny” – Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within. And so, began Craig’s journey; filled with countless seminars, courses, and books to feed his insatiable hunger for knowledge. Armed with his new passion for helping and serving others, his world began to change and with it came the drive to change others.

Throughout the successful launch of numerous personal training businesses, nutritional coaching, and supplement stores, Craig still felt he hadn’t unlocked his true potential or found his higher purpose.
Finally, he met his life partner and, following the birth of their son, that purpose finally clicked. With the love and support of his partner and the admiration of their son, Craig knew it was time to step up and truly make a difference.

Today, Craig is putting into practice the wealth of knowledge he has amassed; assisting those who have been where he was, lost or uncertain of direction and facing life’s challenges. Craig is living the purpose he was born for; coaching others who are aspiring to go to that next level of success in their life – helping them achieve higher states of performance and potential so they can live their best life and achieve their dreams faster.

Are you aspiring to go to that next level of success in life?