What CLIENTS Are Saying

I have known Craig for around 8 years. In this time, I have confided in him many times. His kind, caring nature makes people gravitate to him. 

Craig is an individual that sees the best in people, even at their worst. I recently sought out the council of Craig to get his thoughts on where my life was headed and to hear his story of moving forward in the aspects of his coaching career. 

In one, Coaching session/ coffee, Craig left a long-lasting imprint on me. The way he spoke logically and practically sunk deep into my conscious and unconscious minds. It was like he was bringing out thoughts and beliefs that were hidden behind nonsense. 

If you’re lucky enough to come into Craig’s ecosystem hold on tight and get your notepads and brains ready to learn. 

I would highly recommend Craig for professional coaching & counseling to bring out the truest, most empowered version of yourself. He always strives for excellence. 

Thank you again Craig

David Kerestesi

Craig Cassidy is nothing short of brilliant. It’s really the best way to describe my experience. His ability to reverse engineer my own thought process left me with an incredible toolset to move forward with.

While some try to motivate, Craig manages to equip you with the manual to your own mindset. Instead of pumping you up, he maps, explains and breaks down the thought processes and choices we make each day. With no exaggeration, my first session with Craig was a game changer.

Like a great driving instructor, Craig gave me the understanding I needed to go confidently down the road of my choosing. Sending my first message to Craig has been, without question – one of the best decisions if have made for my career and my personal life.

If you are looking for that missing link, that answer that so many of us seek, then look no further than this man. He can and undoubtedly will, help you find it.

Flat out, could not recommend higher.

Tim Mullins

Author of The Dragon’s Reign

Craig is a world-class peak performance coach who has a powerful ability to reduce issues or challenges to their core elements and rebuild them with you as opportunities for growth and results.

Craig delivers high value not only during 1:1 coaching but also between sessions with check-ins and additional feedback.

He listens closely and quickly establishes an understanding of your priorities, values, and strengths to guide you on a path towards your goals and overall vision.

His approach is all-encompassing as a high-calibre coach to ensure all aspects of your life are optimised for best overall performance.

He will also call you out on any BS with good humour and will hold you accountable to ensure you are getting value and making progress.

Overall, I highly recommend working with Craig!

Andrew Hart

Working with Craig has not only helped to clarify my mind and set sights on new, clearer visions for both my personal goals and business ones, but he has also given me the confidence to improve my own personal outlook on who I am as an individual not just as a business partner, trainer, an athlete coach.

As someone whom has continually battled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence, he has given me the ability and knowledge to assert myself and promote my skills with a greater confidence and a more driven, positive and knowledgeable outlook. Through his guidance support and knowledge I have being able to drive, improve and expand both mine and my partners own personal training and athlete coaching business by not only building an even greater client base but by helping us to adapt a better set of time management skills. Craig has given us the tools required to ensure that we now have the potential to further grow our profile whilst being able to pull back on our work hours without sacrificing any quality of work.

His warm and caring approach makes him the perfect person to have guiding us as the values he instils within each one of his clients are that of those that he applies to his own life. He has lived through experiences of his own that many may have aloud to defeat them but instead of becoming a victim of his circumstances he chose to create and mould his own. He is a truly inspirational man who always leaves us feeling empowered and clear visioned after every meeting.

It is an honour getting to work with him and to have him as our coach. He has and is continuing to help change our outlook, our business and our lives for the better.

Jayne Boothby

Team Sacrifice

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